High Scores

Welcome to the CFL Pool Entertainment Centre.  This page displays the high scores for the various games on the site.  Anyone is allowed to play the games, however only logged in active players are allowed to save to the high scores list.  We hope you enjoy this little diversion.  Have fun.

High Scores - Concentration

Teacher168,1002021-09-19 17:02:03

Nateroy130,3212021-06-18 13:35:47

Jerimiah128,1642021-09-09 15:37:09

lynnbwee104,3292021-08-10 22:07:26

Deekay68,6442021-08-11 12:55:20

High Scores - Grid Search

Nateroy136,9002021-06-18 13:34:02

lynnbwee123,9042021-08-10 22:09:17

Teacher117,6492021-08-11 21:46:12

Jerimiah89,4012021-09-14 19:30:15

---00000-00-00 00:00:00


High Scores - Hangman

Avery Nerbas198,9162021-09-07 11:10:03

Teacher160,8012021-08-11 21:43:02

Nateroy150,5442021-06-18 13:38:29

lynnbwee103,6842021-08-10 22:03:33

Jerimiah78,9612021-09-09 15:29:26

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