CFL Pool Live Chat Room

The Simple CFL Pool now has its own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chat room, to facilitate real-time, live discussion of the pool, your favorite (or least favorite) team, recent news, the CFL in general, or pretty much anything else within reason. You can even use it as a meeting place to set up a private chat with another player.

The chat room (aka. channel) is registered and hosted on DALnet. If you're not familiar with IRC, there are some great tutorials available on the 'net. We've also put together some information pages specific to our channel available from the links in the menu bar above. Using IRC is actually pretty simple, and doesn't take long to become proficient. The basic steps are:

  1. Select a 'nick', which is a nickname that people will see and know you by on the channel. Nicks should start with a letter, and can contain letters, numbers and some characters like brackets and underscores. Nicks must be one word and not contain any spaces. The system will not accept a nick longer than 28 characters. Once you are logged in, you can change your nick by entering '/NICK your_new_nick'.
  2. Connect to a server on the network hosting the channel -- in our case the server is '' accessed through port 6667. This can be done using a dedicated IRC Client program, or through your browser using the Enter Chat link in the menu. If you're going to use the chat room (or other chat rooms) more than just occasionally, I recommend using a dedicated client such as Mirc, AdiIRC, HexChat or KVIrc. These will provide more features and actually make it easier by automating some things for you. I use AdiIRC on my Windows system and HexChat on my Linux systems.
  3. Join the desired channel by entering '/JOIN channel_name'. In the case of our chat room, the channel name is #CFL_Pool. You should receive a welcome message, and then you're all ready to start chatting. When you want to leave a channel, simply enter '/PART' in that channel. If you want to disconnect from the server just enter '/QUIT'.

We've also placed a 'bot' called CFLBot in the channel to help take care of some of the administrative stuff, but it's also there to help you out during your stay. For help on using the bot, enter '.help' (or '/MSG CFLBot .help' if you don't want anyone else to see you asking for help). I'm also logged in pretty much all the time as either 'rdswift' or 'CoachBob' (or sometimes both), and will gladly help out or chat if I'm on the computer. Just enter 'ping rdswift, CoachBob' to have the system page me. I hope to see you there.