New Discussion Area

We've added a new messaging / discussion feature to the site, and have retired the other Community Forum because I have not been able to integrate it to use your existing accounts. The new messaging / discussion system can be used by selecting the Messages option under the Entertainment section of the menu.

The messages are grouped / threaded under subjects, with the subjects containing the newest messages sorted to the top of the list. If you don't see a subject thread for what you want to discuss, feel free to start a new one. Pretty much any topic is okay (as long as it isn't illegal [grin]).

When entering a message, the editor uses the markdown system for formatting, and displays the formatting as the markdown codes are applied — sort of a WYSIWYG editor. There is also a formatting bar to apply / remove formatting just as you would use in any other editor, and a preview option. This is especially useful for those that aren't familiar with markdown. Finally, there is also a link to a markdown "cheat sheet".

Have a look when you get a chance. I'm hoping that we can get some lively discussions going.

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